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Sunday, 15 December 2013

This is why the UK should get rid of Muslims, they do not fit here with us

The word Great Britain used to come from the heart, today the great has been dropped and now we are little Britain and some of our leaders are just as batty and seem as zany as the characters from the TV series Little Britain indeed. I say this because the way this country is now run is absolutely barmy.
Once the British public were free to do pretty much what they pleased provided no one hurt anyone else, today that is not the case.
Prime minister David Cameron and his sidekick Nick Clegg has made just as much mess in the UK as many other past PM’s have done, however, today with the economic demise created by a long standing problem of overspending on wars and helping out other countries just to look good, we see today’s UK in a state of disrepair, or is it?
We have the EU telling us how to live, who to have here and of course it all kicked off with the common market however today we have the United Nations and the European Union shouting the odds no matter what it says in that great charter that once guided us the “Magna Carta”, I always wondered why it was written in Latin and the answer is? Because they didn’t want anyone here to bloody well read it, but that is tough because many people have over the ages.
One thing that surprises me is that not many know about these rules one of which stipulates that no foreigner should ever lead the UK, that being said our Royal family are not so English as they like to make out but to allow a council based in Belgium run the UK is just sticking the good old finger up to many.
The health service in this country was second to none years ago, rises in taxation, food, fuel and other costs that come with living here have risen immensely and it is not only a matter of paying for wars that are needless or in other words a “ framed affair to enter a country for its assets”.
There are a few things people need to think about during their daily lives here in the UK one such question is, why do we not have any money for schools, hospitals, roads and other such things that seem to be a luxury these days like trying to keep a post office open.
David Cameron stated once that members of all faiths must integrate into wider society and accept core values and that to be British is to believe in freedom of speech and religion, democracy and equal rights regardless of race, sex or sexuality.   Proclaiming a doctrine of “muscular liberalism”, he said that everyone, from ministers to ordinary voters, should actively confront those who hold extremist views.
That is a right laugh!  Today we see the Government opposing the people’s right to protest peacefully but turn a blind eye to extremist Muslim remarks to its own people in the street, the UK Government it seems prefer to arrest its own for wanting change, the country back and its own laws not Shari law which is the moral code and religious law of Islam and nothing at all to do with British laws or it’s people’s way of life, however, when we complain we are ignored just as Israel is ignored when it comes to having Nuclear without any inspection while everyone else is forced into not having Nuclear and full inspections by fork tongued vipers that will stitch them up with stupid lies of weapons of mass destruction. 
What has Israel over the UK and the USA?  Why are our Government’s allowing in immigrants that share no similar values or ideologies?  Is it that our Government would like us all under tighter control with restrictions at every turn? No, surely not and what would be the reasons?
George W Bush stated that: “Our war on terror begins with Al Qaeda, but it does not end there. It will not end until every terrorist group of global reach has been found, stopped, and defeated.” Little did many realize that should include the majority of our own Government members and most of the US senate but more people are waking up.
Our rights have been violated in this country, it’s people given wages well below the cost of living, but that is only if you are one of the not so wealthy. The everyday UK resident born and bred can sod off.
This for those of you unfamiliar with Shari Law is an explanation in simple terms:
This is taken from the transcript from a youtube video entitled Sharia for dummie by Nonie Darwish, an ex muslim female. Here is the link to the video for people that prefer to listen rather than read:
0:00when I'm about to read is titled Sharia
0:03for dummies and it was written by ninety darwish
0:07who was a former Muslim now the copyright
0:13his 1997 2 2010
0:17all rights reserved my ninety darwish
0:21reprinted with permission now this
0:25track is available free
0:29from the Bible Baptist bookstore and I'll be placing the
0:33link that you can go to to obtain some police
0:36I'm and fierce lol at Dell roof
0:40claims that islamic Sharia law
0:43is compatible with the US Constitution
0:47let us examine a few actual
0:50Sharia laws to see how well that claim stands up under scrutiny
0:55number one it is obligatory for a Muslim to lie
1:00if the purpose is obligatory that means a Muslim
1:04is obliged to lie if it is for the purpose of fulfilling
1:08follows commandment such as geode
1:11no guilt or shame should be associated with this kind of lying
1:15which has become an instinctive defensive mechanism
1:19among most Muslims to protect Islam
1:22number two GI defined as
1:26both to war against non-muslims to establish the religion
1:31unquote is the duty of every Muslim and Muslim head of state
1:36kinda mobile home believes who refuse GI turn violation on Sharia
1:42and unfit to rule number three
1:45the color can hold office through seizure of power
1:49meaning to force number four be cool if
1:52is exempt from being charged with serious crimes such as murder
1:56adultery robbery Sep drinking and in some cases
2:00grape number five percentage I'll
2:05as our cat that is homes must go towards
2:09gee i'd number six it is obligatory to obey the commands over the color
2:14even if he is unjust number seven a cliff
2:17must be a Muslim a non slave and email
2:21number Re the Muslim public must remove the coolest
2:25if he rejects Islam number nine the Muslim holy is Islam
2:30must be killed immediately number ten
2:33the Musandam will be forgiven for murder I'll
2:37number one an apostate number two an adult for
2:40number three the highway robber thus making
2:44vigilante street justice and honor killings acceptable
2:48number eleven a Muslim will not get the death penalty
2:52if he kills a non-muslim he will get it for killing
2:56a Muslim number 12 blasphemy of Islam
3:00moslem Sharia Karan or hedonists is punishable by fines imprisonment
3:06amputation or be heading abusive derogatory
3:10remarks about Muhammad is punished with death
3:14number thirteen Sharia never abolish slavery
3:18or sexual slavery and highly regulated
3:21in master will not be punished for killing his slave
3:25number forty Sharia dictates death by stoning be heading
3:30amputation lambs and flagging even for crimes us in such as adultery
3:35number fifteen non-muslims are not equal to moslems under the law
3:40they are given three choices convert limits debase third-class citizens
3:46or be killed number sixteen non-muslims are to comply to Islamic law
3:52if they are to remain safe there for
3:56ridden to marry muslim women publicly displaying
4:00wine for pork recite the Scriptures or openly celebrate their religious
4:06holidays or funerals
4:07they are forbidden from building new churches or for building them higher
4:12than much
4:12they may not generate much without permission
4:16a non-muslim is no longer protected if he leaves a Muslim
4:19away from Islam number seventeen non-muslims cannot curse the Muslim
4:25said anything derogatory about our the Prophet or
4:29Islam or expose the weak points a Muslim
4:32but there is no law prohibiting Muslims from cursing
4:36non-muslims number eighteen and non-muslim cannot inherit from a Muslim
4:42it is a crime for a non-muslim to sell weapons to someone
4:46who will use them against Muslims number nineteen
4:50Manx must be sharia-compliant and interest is not allowed
4:55number twenty no testimony in court is acceptable
4:58from people at low level jobs such as street sweepers
5:02or bath house attendance women in lower level jobs such as professional
5:07funeral mourners cannot keep custody of their children in case some divorce
5:13number 21 and non-muslim cannot rule over even a non-muslim
5:18minority 22 homosexuality is punishable by death
5:2323 there's no age limit for Mary Jane girls
5:27a marriage contract can take place anytime after birth
5:31and his is consummated had HP or
5:349 24 rebellion is on the part of the wife
5:39nullifies the husband's obligation to support her and gives him
5:44permission to beat her and keep her from leaving the home
5:4825 divorces all in the hands of the husband
5:51and as easy as saying quote I divorce you
5:55unquote and it becomes effective even if the husband did not intended
6:01number 26 there's no community property between husband and wife
6:07and the husband's property does not automatically go to the wife after his
6:1327 a woman here's halfway manager
6:1728 man has a right to have up to four wives
6:20and she has no right to divorce him even if he is
6:24polygamous 29
6:28marriage is a buyers flash seller contract
6:32whereby the dowry is given in exchange for the woman's sexual
6:37orange number thirty
6:40man is allowed to have sex will slave women and women captured in battle
6:44and if the inflamed woman is married her marriage is unknown
6:4931 the testimony the woman in court is half the value
6:53have a man 132
6:58woman loses custody here she remarries 133
7:01to prove grape a woman must have for male witnesses
7:0534 here acres may only be required to pay the bride
7:09money netted gallery without marrying the rape victim
7:13corporate 35 and Muslim woman must cover every inch of her body
7:18which is considered our a sexual organ
7:22at all sherri our schools another face every woman
7:26to be exposed number 36
7:29a Muslim man is forgiven he feels his wife
7:32at the time she is caught in the act with adultery however
7:36the apathy is not true for women since he quote
7:40could be married to the woman he was caught with unquote
7:44137 there's no record bution for one who slays
7:48his offspring even though Islamabad is killing who could girls
7:53this law even though mostly unused
7:57is significant in supporting honor killings
8:00and daughters 138
8:03sure enough severely punishes free speech when it comes to any criticism
8:08Muhammad that Karan has and Sharia
8:11itself free speech is unprotected
8:14in the Islamic state
8:18all the above the prize people have freedom of speech freedom of conscience
8:23equality of all people before the law and equality and the rights to women
8:27with men the above points are well-established
8:31Sharia laws in his lap decided by great I mines
8:35through the years I've examination and interpretation and the Karan
8:39annis and Muhammad's life
8:45please tell us what part of the above is compatible
8:48with the US Constitution ninety darwish
8:52is the author of cruel and usual punishment
8:56the terrifying global implication I'm Islamic law
9:01and founder love former Muslims United
9:08how do you do a brother is born for adversity according to an old proverb
9:13and the two brothers in the following story illustrate the truth
9:17a matching when the younger one broke with tradition
9:21the only one wanted to break his neck
9:24this is the true story of shiet and Kaka two brothers from
9:28kurdistan who were adversaries
9:31until their minds and hearts and lives were unshackled the moment
9:45are you standing out here in the cold I'm waiting for my brother
9:48grameen very patient waiting in Warwick
9:52good morning good morning thank you my friend
9:56with you doing with that ground and going to keep him
9:59Europe Latin way what has he done Saeed is an apostate
10:04he had left they won through faith more
10:07mmm I think he spent the night in that church across the way
10:10and when he comes out I N end his miserable life
10:14where we have known for a long time that he is an apostate
10:17you have we swore to keep it from you but since you already know I can tell
10:2230-man are bound by oath too cute I E
10:26yea my brother no
10:29he anyone is going to kill him it will be me
10:37this is on shackle dramatizing true-life stories
10:41produced in Chicago by pacific garden mission be
10:45street people try to be inconspicuous much baby
10:48driven from a place big stake doubt that warm and temporarily shady
10:53swordfish the ones who come to pacific garden mission keep to themselves
10:57more they're grateful for the food the change closed between bomb
11:02but they're afraid it more Blaney especially since
11:05everything is free 0 and as they listened to counselors who explained the
11:09way to
11:10freedom from past failures be as they hear testimony from others who have
11:14that way may gain boldness not to step out in faith and choosing
11:20new life because of random thereafter they can't keep to themselves with joy
11:24and transforming power they've received any
11:28like the young man in this story may have to tell the others the good news
11:32lemme now for broadcast around here there's program number
11:372,313 in the series un-check
11:40home the program that makes you face yourself and
11:43thank the many people with Kurdistan live in an area that stretches from
11:50Turkey through Iraq
11:52and into northwestern wrong islamic by faith
11:56fanatic by custom Bay preserving traditions by forming
12:02the two brothers in our story where 13 and 21 when their father died
12:07leaving them alone in the world their father had been
12:10among Muslim cleric and the village gathered for the memorial here
12:16got crappy you're reading a book or and his wonderful your father's spirit is
12:21surely comforted
12:22thank you Ali now your head of your family
12:25in the people not trusting you to maintain your father school for Ash
12:29I will give up my studies and do that you can earn money by reading the Koran
12:33it rains ingredient
12:35say he then I will not forsake our duties
12:38shade know you are you on people have chosen you to take you far this place is
12:44I'm only 13 but you have an amazing knowledge a Persian and Arabic and more
12:49the koran the Prophet himself peace be upon him
12:53would want you to be moving to run your father school to teach the children 21
12:57droopy he's right side
13:00you are more qualified to be mourner than I or anyone
13:04for seven generations now our family had led the prayers in the mosque
13:09carry on that tradition island was most people will help me
13:18so cocky and funny to go over their fathers responsibilities
13:21they were dedicated muslim chick faith in him saying the ritual prayers five
13:25times a day
13:26and fasting from dawn to dusk during the month the wrong
13:31three years later one side was 16 strangers from a neighboring country
13:34came to me
13:37techa have you heard about the man lookin yesterday I saw them good
13:42peace can dogs we don't need them here you love them are leaving school but
13:45what he's doing
13:46he was given vision in I was recommended as a teacher
13:50all I've got to ask your permission to teach him
13:53why should we had them it people love the book guard Kobe strides
13:58I renew on christian people over there invaded
14:01they drink alcohol or they lie on the mic troubling let me teach him anyway
14:06out with open his eyes and you become a muslim
14:09you will have my permission but you'll be good for
14:18filled with prejudice side study to strangers
14:21and discovered that the accusations he had heard did not apply to them
14:26they didn't use alcohol they were honest may even prayed for their enemies
14:31after a while to love the man left the village while cited continued to teach
14:36the Evangelist
14:37using the Bible as a text book
14:41shade this passage in Isaiah chapter 61
14:45that's one subsequently read to me
14:48your division fest and the Spirit of the Lord God is upon me
14:53because the Lord has anointed me to preach good tidings unto thee me
14:58he had sent me to bind up the brokenhearted to proclaim liberty to the
15:03in the opening of the prison to them that are bound these
15:06speeded up the Lord God you
15:09believe God has disputed the Bible often speaks a disputed gone
15:14we believe God is one issues but he's won
15:17but he is money first in three ways: how can that be
15:21%um look at water frozen
15:24it becomes I world it becomes Steve
15:28unity distilled water his three different manifestations
15:32three different ways to help us let me see your serious Bible so I can compare
15:37the translation
15:38you wish you are King
15:42these did have the Lord God
15:46hits the scene Shahid I'm
15:49plan to continue city at the same time you TP parisian
15:53you need to quickly I would make you
15:56to have a New Testament in that language so you can study more
16:00really who thank you cash weed killer show my brother
16:03name home
16:06E what's this it'd Bible
16:10cash I gave it to me I don't want you to read that
16:13it would've 94 ok and the book I've got people have died
16:17because men have changed the word and with the original meaning
16:21you know that at I'm using it as a text book job in Syriac cochran
16:26I don't believe what he says I'm warning you
16:30it is dangerous don't ever bring it into our home again
16:33in the mail
16:38I ate continue to study the Bible but secretly
16:410 as he read the message again ick prophecies in the Old Testament
16:45he saw that Mohammed could not have fulfilled Lao
16:49finally he brought a Bible home again and begged his brother to madame study
16:53in order to
16:54greater refutation of Christianity
16:57Kaka agreed and I have been studied the Bible opening
17:02more he studied the more he doubted his own motion me
17:05one night on its way to pray at a mosque
17:09I thought flashed and with mining what if
17:12Mohammed was not to be true traffic
17:15who him into pleading and will be recruited to help get the look:
17:20and must wash contamination out of my mind
17:23after prayers he still had no peace and
17:27went home to bed unable to sleep you light a fire in with a pair of tongs
17:32fresh the hot/cold against each leg while making a ball
17:36he delivers
17:39the few Christians again you religion
17:42it if these walls see shoot me shouldn't you are located in the fleet
17:47even reviewed June it I H top tutoring to give engine
17:56after many weeks his wounds heal
17:59what is don't continuum 190 beseeching god wouldn't hear
18:04both get what did you do you think these Missouri
18:07include me in the right way he will
18:12actual cash instead he should people
18:16and from known
18:20true the moon
18:24who take you're spending too much time with AT&T that
18:28and being paid tribute to him to have other duties to eat it's more important
18:31to teach the koran but my studies will help you understand the quad and better
18:35equipped to understand Muhammad is the one true messenger of God
18:38jesus what a profit divided closing the Son of God
18:42been I held by you stupid boy I'd be open to you
18:47free shame on you you're a disgrace to anybody that no
18:51and the night
18:57your brother has been harsh with you again I see he cannot help him to
19:01I will be leaving in a few days shade perhaps it's just as well
19:05very sad to see you go have you learned so much from you
19:09as you study God's word he will teach you
19:12and I must keep packing need
19:18of shouldn't you look very happy when he's the reason
19:22just know the words of the prophet Isaiah
19:26ring in my heart right shining
19:30with light is come and the glory of the Lord
19:35is reasonable hand me because is %eh up to 60 first one
19:40praise God rejoice where you are from grace with God Christian
19:44it Julian my hood have never built anything like this before in my life
19:49he'd Mitch read together and when I'm gone
19:53you must be diligent in prayer missed you be tempted to abandon your new faith
20:03guide told no one about his new face because
20:06bet with the penalty for apostasy from Islam
20:10he would give the prayer call from the mosque and saw three ashli
20:15got forgive me when he joined the others in prayer
20:18following and frustrating himself he would wish for the Lord's Prayer
20:22be but his double life was breaking his heart one night after prayers he and a
20:27close friend lingered on the roof the money
20:30Sayyed you've been very quiet lately
20:35are you in now you know here
20:38it music she said
20:41she said had become a Christian
20:45you can't be serious you wanna wanna
20:48hey as in paid
20:52you cannot get in the way from Islam you know the penalty
20:56I know my brother would kill me and
20:59and the mic
21:04I a dad yet to learn about his big brothers real power
21:08because unshackled is broadcast in Arabic throughout the Middle East
21:12more people like the brothers from Kurdistan can now hear the gospel
21:16here's Dave's all near superintendent the pacific garden mission to read
21:19excerpts from letters we received from listeners they're
21:22many of these Muslim people would never learn about Christ except for radio
21:27so we're glad to hear from listeners like this one from jordan who writes
21:31I am a Muslim yet I would like to ask you to send me a viable because I am
21:36very poor
21:37I am glad you freely give us the word of God over the radio
21:42I decided to be a Christian believer in Jesus Christ
21:46and I thank you for helping me and an important decision
21:49now someone else from Jordan right thanks to one shackled
21:54a real change in my life happened I found Christ
21:57not by my effort but he found me
22:01and save me by His grace through His Word I heard
22:05in on shackled matt is good news
22:08here's a letter from a 14-year-old in Egypt to write I thank the Lord that He
22:12gave us on shackle
22:14and they allowed me to hear it from an early age
22:17I have my whole life now living with Jesus who came to my heart
22:21through the Ministry of Sound Check isn't that exciting
22:25this listener from Egypt bright guard use your program
22:29unshackled touch my heart I am now she'd
22:33because I accepted Jesus Christ as my savior in Lord
22:37I try to live according to the teachings of Jesus
22:40may God bless unshackled and then someone from syria right
22:45I thank you for and shackled it's a great program that is really a force for
22:51good in this world we live in
22:52we need more teachings like we listen to anyone shackled
22:56we couldn't agree with him more if you'd like to have lunch at a broadcast in
23:01Arabic in your area
23:02or if you'd like to know more about this ministry or any of our other ministries
23:07just try to pacific garden mission Chicago Illinois 606 05
23:12the modulation he told other friends his sacred
23:19knowing they wouldn't exposing yeah he was exposed by those in the village you
23:23couldn't refuse his convictions about the Bible
23:26rumors spread that he was a Christian and people on the street kirshenbaum
23:30one-day side went to visit a Christian merchant
23:33me how can I help you I know from cash
23:37the Evangelist that you are a god-fearing man and
23:41you are the moolah who is teaching him persian
23:44I have become a follower of Christ are you ready to face the dangers involved
23:49not even martyrdom could make me forsake him
23:52I have some books that we have you faced persecution
23:56or has have to hide them from my brother I does he know about your new free
24:01I haven't told him yet but he knows something has changed
24:05no longer read the Quran mostly the morning prayers
24:09India Chipstead he threatens me and beats me
24:12perhaps you should leave the village they tried once but
24:16he read about my plan and stop me in a few weeks a bishop will be passing
24:20through on his way to Turkey
24:22you could go with him and he would protect you my family has always lived
24:26I don't want to leave but and most
24:29worship the Lord openly a
24:36twice shy a tried to feed a village why she failed
24:40winter came in confrontations grew with his persecution
24:44finally side wrote a letter to his brother
24:47cocking for a long time no I have been a Christian
24:52I know the penalty is death and I am ready to die
24:57for my faith in Christ but if you spare me
25:00I will be your servant for the rest of my life on yes
25:04is to worship the Lord openly cool
25:10for several days I need capital letter in his party and
25:13and then one might the two brothers and a neighbor chat around
25:16fire when Mohammed was born
25:20peace be upon him the signs in the heavens
25:24proved that he was the last and greatest profit in God
25:27surpassing all who came before him all those musicals to honour the Prophet
25:32peace be upon him
25:33if the stories are true they should have been foretold
25:37so we should examine the Bible to see if it has
25:41prophecies mohammed's coming you're right
25:44they must be there you wish you peed
25:47unbelieving you then how dare you don't be afraid I despise your word got cast
25:53put on that dark
25:54site come with me should never have let you know
25:57dong Sayyed
26:01you must be more careful in what you say years thank you
26:04and need to be alone something
26:13after a fervent prayer side went inside and
26:16his brother the letter re-read the matter without speaking but cold fury
26:20settled over in the he threw the paper into the firing
26:24both brothers lay down this week three major
26:27your nothing but the trigger to the family how can you believe my
26:33cannot be a brother a minute podcast got the OK
26:37doggone oh man cannot live together you know
26:41where can I go into tonight what's up to me reason is do you can I do tomorrow
26:46get you can't let go you the meeting
26:50at the point of a gun sight dressed and went into the bitter cold night
26:55he knocked on many doors into an old woman to be mayor
26:58talking meanwhile spent the night crying out to God
27:01I love you have taken my father
27:06on mother and no my brother has left he doesn't deserve to live
27:11I a week quel
27:15ok I waited with his gun outside the church Julie learned that
27:1930 man had bombed and shelled do kill shoddy
27:23you couldn't betray his only brother to an angry mob so he left
27:27he sought counsel with a distant relative and they found studied waiting
27:32at the school
27:33me show you are studied
27:36I was waiting for your car I accept whatever you decide
27:40is it true you have become a Christian it is true
27:43you food thirteen men are bold to kill you
27:46I wanted to give you my got guy it is your brother give him a chance Saeed
27:51you cannot be persuaded to come back to Islam I will never turn away from Christ
27:57he died for me then you should leave the village
28:00otherwise they would kill you he will freeze to death before you get to the
28:03next village
28:04we go not gonna let him stay with you until spring
28:07he can come home as a Christian
28:11need the day you mean on law is National Guard Go
28:15and so are you now they want to kill me the market was right
28:23the villagers turned on him for protecting his brother
28:27day by day week by week hostility grew against the brothers
28:31in the spring a letter came for shoddy darkening
28:36it's from a missionary how much done hit about the danger here
28:40any invites me to live there and be a language teacher
28:44among Christian dog let me go kayaking norm
28:47if you leave among them you would never come back to Islam
28:50I will never renounce Christ I love you forever and night it was really the only
28:55place de
28:56let me go even if I let you go the men will stop you and kill you
28:59Haiti slip away unnoticed and join the kid and going to have a done next week
29:04what about your belongings I don't need anything but my Bible
29:08I could carry your things and
29:11leave town by a different way we can meet by the river
29:15currently broken and we thank God
29:18for you here is 2.3 the
29:23the new
29:26girl overhearing writing
29:30we made it I don't think anyone recognise be know we have to get across
29:34the river
29:34come on you moving world
29:37it clean Pete what you're fifty
29:41get again judge body your name on my shoulder
29:46okay holding heat
29:50remember when plotting to carry the groceries River him
29:53who died was joking with all my might he will be
30:00he will be with me can you believe me
30:03nation Notre with movin we know what he's cute and funny
30:08should not be burdened many
30:12claiming AZ Egyptian
30:15forty-three percent true went bong I was
30:19thinking of the prophet Isaiah him looking ok
30:23who the many
30:28the brothers raging a managed funds & imy said goodbye and not to return to
30:33the company
30:34began it then traveled all night stopping at some rainy
30:38just when I began to feel main
30:42his brother reappeared with two friends you must come back say he'd
30:48the whole town is in an uproar know okay guy I'm sure the Lord wants me to go to
30:52home a dunk
30:52their threatening to tear down the family house I cannot go back
30:56you must Rebecca I would have got to preserve you and all holding
31:01you will not change review I have lost you
31:04you all my brother got killed but jesus is my lord more it
31:13for a new life opened up for some Aiden Tolman
31:16he was secured and growing in the face when he had been there
31:21two and a half years Kaka came division
31:24the he seemed to have lost his fanatical spirit and to accept
31:28science conversion the brothers had many friendly discussions about three million
31:33before cochran returned home
31:35not long after that he came back to have any
31:39can't tell you okay nice or the house in all the furnishings
31:42your good Tuesday it wasn't the same after you left side
31:45they'd never forgive you how did you manage to leave I told him I was going
31:49to take you to a place
31:51what you would do to come your apostasy I will never do that
31:55track I know they tried to stop me even tho
31:58faith cannot be coerced got game and the freedom to choose
32:03the chief mourner said the host belong to an apostate
32:06on was ported to the mosque so I had to refund the money from the sale
32:10I'm Eric it doesn't matter at least I am free up to hatred
32:16and the new
32:20good missionaries in Hamadan got talking to read the Bible by
32:24paying him to be transiently track morning walk
32:27however when he read verses he didn't like me
32:30he would tear up the writing or chappaquiddick tradition bagging
32:35he still went to the mound but also to prayer meeting
32:40little by little the message of Christ love began to watching
32:44one day he was thrown from his horse breaking is me
32:47he spent weeks in bed reading the Bible is some tea character
32:52thank you all my life
32:56I believe there was no such thing as seen only weakness
33:00but the Bible says or have seen and the penalty
33:04is death that's why God sent Jesus to die on the cross in our place
33:08he really was the son of God wasn't he's
33:11we were taught that he was just a profit but he is no road
33:15and he laid down His life for us what could we do with it
33:20which equal Heath sacrifice nothing
33:24neither is there salvation in any other
33:27for there is none other name under heaven given among men
33:31whereby we must be say Acts chapter for first with
33:36I believe sayyid I believe what the Bible says
33:40what must I do to be /c be leaving
33:44is all you do a pack now we are brothers
33:49in Christ WAM the man
33:55the two brothers spent the rest of their lives serving the Lord
34:00site became a doctor ministering to the physical and spiritual needs of others
34:05copper became an evangelist passing out track
34:08sharing the gospel with all the metal
34:12pocket died in 1940 to be a jerk 85 shot he died in 1942 with the aging
34:1979 bear testimony of God's grace and love one
34:24drawn from the book and Muslim me crying
34:28written by William Miller and publish by Bernie
34:31the mall who
34:35friend God's gift of salvation is free to all who engineered
34:39bob says initiations chapter two verses 89
34:43for by grace are ye saved through faith and that not of yourselves it is the
34:47gift of God
34:48networks much any man should know many
34:53if you would like to be a child of God you're invited to bring
34:56on Gordon my shins are more than I can bear
35:01been there's no way to reach you on my own
35:04I believe you sent your only some good night for me
35:07I believe you raised him from the dead by the power of your Holy Spirit
35:12please forgive my shin lord help me to become like Christ
35:150 thank you to get have eternal life
35:19the if you prayed that prayer and faith
35:22then you have passed from death unto life so please write and tell us we can
35:27rejoice with you and send you some literature to help you
35:30your walk with gravy writer pacific garden mission Chicago Illinois 60 605
35:37the telephone number in Chicago area 3129 2214
35:4262 62
Whoever you are, whatever you believe, there is good and bad in all, however the question here is from what perspective do these Muslims see good? 
I want to live in my country under our own laws and I am willing to fight for what I believe in. I read articles in the news of Paedophiles converting to Islam to justify their sick desires.  I like the men in our country, most are just and true gentlemen and Welsh men are mostly loving and kind to their women although there are times when women are undermined here in the UK but not to the extent of the Islamic people.  Most men find it appalling to see women treated in this way.  Mercy killing is not merciful and should not take place. So, what do you think about taking action now?  Still got your head tucked in the sand?

Just the tip of the proverbial iceberg here so stop, think and ask yourself a question, who is allowing this to take place in your beloved country?  Your beloved government, take a stand, they work for you, get the government you want, have the freedom you deserve and let us take our countries back.

Monday, 12 September 2011

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