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Friday, 28 November 2008

is that a plank of wood on mars?

looks like a large cut of wood to me zoom in and take a look

Thursday, 27 November 2008

Join Our Army of Letter-Writers UK people wake up

Start now…Mobilize opposition

The tactics are simple. Question everything. Put it all in writing. Demand answers. Criticise. Make trouble. Waste their time. Above all, call them to account.

You can help put intense pressure on the unelected bureaucrats in Brussels.

Help them to understand two simple facts:

1. Our sovereign rights and freedoms are not in their gift, nor at their disposal.

2. They have no right to govern the UK.

Let them know the British people are collectively resigning from the EU, whether our own government likes it or not.

Make the lives of the bureaucrats in Brussels utterly intolerable. We must so anger, frustrate, and exasperate the Brussels bureaucrats that we reduce them, finally, to realize they would be better off without us.

Just do what you can and the impact we have together will be immense.

full details: