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Saturday, 6 October 2007

The Chupacabra and Agent Orange

Depending where you get the information the first chupacabra “sighting” was in Puerto Rico in 1975. Goats had been killed and their blood drained. Chupacabra, a Spanish word, translates as “goat sucker.” Sightings span from South America to Michigan

What the Chupacabra is thought to be varies greatly from space aliens pets left here on Earth to counterparts of the Devil himself. To get to the bottom of it many theories over the years have developed, alas the only Chupacabra to be tested turned out to be of Canine origin, and the other is thought to be a grey fox obviously a very sick animals indeed, hence its strange appearance.

I too have a theory and I do not know of anyone else to have come up with this theory independently, but I suppose there are others that have an inclination that it could be a mutation cause by some chemicals that were sprayed years ago. Before I offer the evidence to back up my theory lets just take a quick look at what is said about the Chupacabra.

The following information was taken from the newsletter "Beyond Boundaries" published by Joyce Murphy of Rainbow, Texas.

“One interesting feature of the way the Chupacabras kills its victims is
that a long telescopic device seems to protrude from one of its fangs and
this makes the perfectly round puncture would in the victim through which a
type of euthanasia technique is used. Whatever the Chupa does in the
instant before sucking the body totally devoid of blood prevents the victim
from suffering. Something is apparently injected into the victim's body
and possibly this unknown substance prevents rigor mortis which the lack of
is a characteristic of the victim's dead body.

The chupa does not exert any pressure or crushing force on its victims as
happens with other predators. There is the perfectly round hole wound
penetrating into any area of the victim necessary - through bone, muscle,
tissue and whatever necessary to penetrate at least 3 to 4 inches
cauterizing the wound as it goes into the victim's body. Even sections of
organs are then sucked out through this penetration leaving no natural
inflammatory process in the dead animal. The perfectly round wounds have
been found in different areas of the animal's body - not all in the neck

Many residents of Puerto Rico have actually seen this creature and give a
fairly consistent description. It is reportedly a cross between the Grey
alien humanoid - because of the shape of its head and eyes - with the body
of a bipedal, erect dinosaur, but with no tail. Two elongated red eyes
have been reported, together with small holes in the nostril area, a small
slit like mouth with fang type teeth protruding upwards and downwards from
the jaw.”

The point is:

With sightings of the Chupacabras springing up all over the place and with the publicity it has accumulated over the years there of course, as with most things, hoaxers out there to make themselves feel good. However, farmers and small holders weep as their livelihoods are torn apart, sometimes with whole herds being attacked or killed.

The descriptions of the Chupacabras vary but show some consistencies and where evidence is found from animal carcasses there seems to be one major commonality and that is the puncture wounds and the lack of blood left in the bodies.

I for one am not so convinced about these creatures being left over pets from another world, nor do I subscribe to the notion that the Devil has sent them to plague mankind. I do however suspect that if anything the Chupacabras could be the progeny of a chemical that over the years has altered animals in someway or another.
If this is the reason then it might explain the similarities and differences of the reports of each Chupacabra. That is to say each area or country that has had a sighting will have difference species of wildlife therefore if a mutation has occurred via a chemical it could affect the endocrine system in a similar way but the end result of the mutation could look quite different.

So what chemical do I have in mind and why?

Well, let us start by taking a look at some familiar animals (Human beings) that we know have been affected by a chemical spray used in Vietnam, namely a herbicide called Agent Orange.

Some people may find these pictures disturbing!

Agent Orange is so called due to the band colour on the container used to store the chemicals. There are others Herbicides that include Agent Blue, Agent Purple, Agent White

Agent Orange Overview. Approximately 20 million gallons of herbicides were used in Vietnam between 1962 and 1971 to remove unwanted plant life and leaves which otherwise provided cover for enemy forces during the Vietnam Conflict. Shortly following their military service in Vietnam, some veterans reported a variety of health problems and concerns which some of them attributed to exposure to Agent Orange or other herbicides. The Department of Veterans Affairs has developed a comprehensive program to respond to these medical problems and concerns. The principal elements of this program include quality healthcare services, disability compensation for veterans with service-connected illnesses, scientific research and outreach and education.

In 2001 it was confirmed that agent orange had been tested in these areas in the USA

1. The Korean demilitarized zone in 1968 and 1969 (extensive spraying).
2. Fort Drum, NY in 1959 (testing).
Other areas where veterans allege AO to have been sprayed include:
1. Guam from 1955 through 1960s (spraying).
2. Johnston Atoll (1972-1978) was used for unused AO storage.
3. Panama Canal Zone from 1960s to early 1970s (spraying).
4. Elgin AFB (Agents Orange and Blue) on Firing Range and Viet Cong Village.
5. Wright-Patterson AFB (OH) and Kelly AFB (TX).

Also see: 1154-3.304-AO Outside of Vietnam
See section D under combat. This was just revised in Dec of 2001. This allows those that served outside of Vietnam and were exposed to AO to file for compensation. Also attached is a document about Panama and Guam having also been added to the list of AO locations.

Test trials of Agent Orange were carried out in Puerto Rico the page that I had the information from has now been taken off so there is no longer a link on this information.

Other areas that Agent Orange, Agent Blue, Agent Purple, Agent White and other Herbicides have been tested or stored are:

Aberdeen Proving Ground, Aberdeen, Maryland
Apalachicola National Forest (Sophoppy, Florida)
Avon Air Force Base, Florida
Beaumont, Texas
Brawley, California
Bushnell Army Air Field, Florida
Camp Detrick, Maryland
Dar and Prek Clong, Cambodia
Eglin Air Force Base, Florida
Fort Gordon, Georgia
Fort Richie, Maryland
Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada
Guanica, and Joyuda, Puerto Rico
Gulfport, Mississippi
Huntington County, State College, Pennsylvania
Jacksonville, Florida
Kauai, Hawaii
Kingston, Rhode Island
Kompong Cham Province, Cambodia
Las Marias, Puerto Rico
Las Mesas Cerros and La Jugua, Mayaguez, Puerto Rico
Loquillo, Puerto Rico
Mauna Loa, Hilo, Hawaii
Operation PACER HO (Disposal at sea)
Pinal Mountains, Globe, Arizona
Pranburi and other locations in Thailand
Prosser, Washington
Rio Grande, Puerto Rico
Wayside and Wilcox, Mississippi

Well there you go, I think it is more likely that this could have affected some wildlife more than others, it could be argued that I am wrong due to the fact that if it is indeed a chemical spray that has mutated the progeny of wildlife after all this time, why are there not more sightings of mutant animals. However I did say it was just a theory and if you are the researcher that you think you are, prove me wrong or right and I will gladly accept what you are saying as food for thought. I think what made me so mad about all this was the writing on the side of one of the AO containers which reads, “The Purple People Eater” This just smacks of the fact that they knew exactly what it would do to people.

Thursday, 4 October 2007

BBC news footage of UFO's flying by Israeli jets

If anyone can explain this please let me know

Italian astronomers film ufo above lunar surface

clearly traversing across the Lunar surface is a craft that is obviously intelligently controlled, if its not ours then who the bloody hell does it belong to?

Monday, 1 October 2007

how the Illuminati keeps track of its rulers over time

The Queen mother: AKA (EL AB)

If you search the Hebrew Lexicon you will find that the above Hebrew words have meanings when used together.

In it’s traditional form El Ab means

The Ruler of People, and a Nation.

El meaning, “Father” and Ab meaning, “Gather”.

The sentence structure might alter but the basic meanings on all social status levels are the same.

In short it means the main ruler over a nation and its people.

So where is this going?

Queen Elizabeth (the queen mother) before she got married was called

Elizabeth Angela Bowes Lyon, which is an anagram when you take the first two letters and the middle two, of El Ab

This just gives you one example of the use of covert secret codes used by the ancients to keep track of their hierarchies, the sons of god, which are said to be direct descendants of either Cain or Seth.
To find out which line is which I guess you would have to know which one was the hybrid? Once you know this bit you will know who is who. So who cares and why this means so much? Because then we will know how rulers are picked, countries are run and most importantly who runs the monarchy system. That will show us how the illuminati run the world and who are the real super powers. We are looking for a puppet master that pulls the strings of the military might of the super powers.
The other point to consider is the family relationship of royals and presidents alike around the world. Gearge Bush and Bob Dole are both distant cousins to the royal family, Bush being higher up the hierachy than Dole and thats why he got in. Bush is 13th cousin to the queen of england and Dole is 17th.

Presidential Synchronicity

I found these commonalities to many to be just coincidences and what is more, anyone can research this information and find the correlations to be true.

Taken from
Michael Tsarion's book, "Atlantis alien visitation and genetic manipulation.
ISBN 0-9785187-8-0

Abraham Lincoln was elected to congress in 1846
John F Kennedy was elected to congress in 1946
Abraham Lincoln was elected President in 1860
John F Kennedy was elected President in 1960
The names Lincoln and Kennedy each contain 7 letters
Both were particularly concerned with civil rights
Both wives lost children while living at the white house
Both Presidents were shot on a Friday
Both Presidents were shot in the head
Lincoln’s secretary was named Kennedy
Kennedy's secretary was named Lincoln
Both were assassinated by southerners
Both were succeeded by southerners
Both their successors were named Johnson
Andrew Johnson who succeeded Lincoln was born in 1808
Lydon Johnson who succeeded Kennedy was born in 1908
John Wilkes Booth, who assassinated Lincoln, was born in 1839
Lee Harvey Oswald who assassinated Kennedy was born in 1939
Both assassins were known by their three names
Both names comprised of 15 letters
Lincoln was shot dead at a theatre named "Kennedy"
Kennedy was shot in a car called a "Lincoln"
Booth ran from the theatre and was caught in a warehouse
Oswald ran from a warehouse and was caught in a theatre
Booth and Oswald were both assassinated before their trials
And here is the strangest thing of all...
A week before Lincoln was shot he was in Monroe, MarylandA week before Kennedy was shot...he was in Marilyn Monroe

Albert Pike and why there are wars

The Book "Beyond Angels and Demons": by Rene Chandelle.

Any conspiracy addict should read this:
To those of you who Albert Pike and Giuseppe Mazzini is little know, Pike is the founder of the Ku Klux Klan, Illuminiti and Masons leading member. Mazzini is the founder of the revolutionary ledge of young Italy and they were not nice people.

In the above-mentioned book there are references to letters that Albert Pike wrote that opens a new chapter to why there are wars.Keeping in mind that his letters were written to Giuseppe Manzzini in the 1800's and that the two conspirators were Masons and that Pike set up the Ku Klux Klan it is not suprising to find that the first and second world war was set up by the Illuminati for their own sick reasons, but there is more to come, the 3rd world war.

Letters between Pike and Mazzini discuss the wars, how they should be started and in explicit detail reveal the tactics of each event.The following is a section of a letter written by Pike to Manzzini in 1871 which is 43 years before the 1st world war started and it indicates what the Illuminati hoped to achieve with the conflict that was to come."...The 1st world war should enable the Illuminati to seize power from the tsars and transform this country with the strength of communist atheism.
The differences between the British and the German empires, and also the struggle between the Germanic and Slavic nations, instigated by the Illuminati should be used to incite this war. Once finished, communism should be nurtured and used to destroy other governments and make religions weak."(This is some prophecy given the age of the letter.)"...The Second World War should be incited by political Zionism to facilitate between fascists and Zionists. The fight should begin to destroy Nazism and give way to political Zionism to facilitate the establishment of the sovereign state of Israel in Palestine. During the Second World War communist league strong enough to equal the whole of Christianity should be constructed.
From then on it should be kept and supported until needed the day social cataclysm arrive....."(As we all know the end of the 2nd world war meant the end of Nazism and also the birth of the state of Israel which was declared on the 14th May 1948)
In Pikes letter the most blood curdling part is the bit that refers to the 3rd world war, which reads as follows:"The 3rd world war should be incited taking advantage of the seeds planted by the Illuminati agents to provoke differences between political Zionism and the leaders of the Muslim world. The war should be channelled in a way that Islam and Zionism destroy each other and that other nations will involve themselves too, to the extent that they become physically, mentally and economically exhausted....."This says it all to me and I hope that some of you reading this will take time to make the connections...and believe me there are many.