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Sunday, 12 October 2008

,What is the Oraganisational Network?

The O.N is a group of people that gather and spread information about the NWO, remote viewing and other conspiracies.

Many people, most of whom are good guys, like to keep together and the O.N uses a beacon site such as to post and share info meet up etc etc.

Keeping track of other likeminded folk is a good idea, its not what this julie lawrence suggests (scully71) she suggests its a cult, however a woman scorned and all that especially one thats been a psychiatric case and doesnt like being rejected, like she was from the O.N and Ae because of trouble making etc. Sometimes its not a good thing to have half cocked members.

Anyway, the O.N is young but has many members on a global scale. We watch the skies, the world and the money markets. The bilderberg group movements have been a topic that the O.N has tracked for ages. Most of our members are men, however we do have one of two females that are connected. So basically the O.N is a network of people sharing info, its kinda like an online meeting place for whistle blowers...if you want to link up, you know where we are.

What we offer: Apart from the obvious we have members that can help others set up blogs websites and other things. No one in the O.N gives out their real names or numbers or addresses unless they want to. I dont and you can see the reason behind this because we get nutters like scully71 who thinks thats its a great idea to cause trouble, because she got banned from a few sites.

Be safe and remember William Cooper always said there is an amount of safety in numbers, but you never know who the infiltrators be aware.